Ways To Serve

At Gregory, we believe that all of us are given gifts to serve God and others.  We are a church of volunteers, and all of our ministries continue only by God’s grace and someone like you saying, “Yes, Lord. I’ll help!”

Each fall during our “Stewardship Season,” all Gregory members are challenged to give of their “time, talent and treasure.”  A list is circulated representing areas of service in missions, ministry, church government, facilities maintenance, etc., to encourage our members to contribute of their time and talent according to their interest and life circumstances.  This list can be obtained any time at the church office.  Also, most of our church committees are always looking for an additional hand to help.

And then there’s our “treasure.”  Few of us have a chest of sparkling doubloons in the basement, but we all have material blessings that we can share at a level that feels appropriate and comfortable.  Each year Gregory issues pledge cards to our church members and friends with the invitation to pledge a gift on a regular basis.  While neither giving nor pledging is required for church membership, pledging helps church leaders better plan for the coming year as they’ll have an idea of what to expect in giving.  Pledge cards are also available at the church office.

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