Frequently Asked Questions


Those who choose to trust their lives to Jesus Christ as Lord are welcome to become members of Gregory Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Please speak to the pastor or to one of our members who will put you in touch with the pastor.  He will meet with you and discuss your desire to unite with Gregory.  At the meeting, he will seek to learn your expectations and describe to you our understanding of what it means to be a member of Gregory.  He will also answer any questions you may have as to Presbyterian belief and practice.

If, after the meeting, you would still like to proceed, you will be invited to a meeting of the church leadership, the Session, for a brief interview.  You will be asked to simply state your reason for desiring to join the church at this time and to affirm your desire to be a disciple of Jesus.  Individuals who are active members of another Presbyterian  church or one with relationships with the Presbyterian Church (USA) (e.g. Methodists, Lutheran, Episcopalian, etc. but typically not Southern Baptist) may ask for their church to send a Letter of Transfer.

New members are received in the church by…

  • Profession of Faith (never having publicly professed faith or become a confirmed member of a church previously)
  • Reaffirmation of Faith (having become a member of a church previously)
  • Letter of Transfer (being an active member of another congregation)

Following your interview, the Session will set a date in worship for your public reception as a new member.  If you have never been baptized before, you will be baptized in the worship service.  Any previous baptism is accepted as a legitimate baptism in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  (You will technically be a member as soon as the session acts.)


The Presbyterian Church (USA) requires that one parent be an “active” member of a Presbyterian Church.  A child may be baptized in the same service where a parent becomes a member of the church.

For Presbyterians, the baptism of the child is an important event.  It shows publicly the intention of both the parent/s and the members of the congregation to seek to raise and nurture the child in the Christian faith.  After baptism, the child is entered into the baptized member roll.  At an appropriate age (typically 12-14), it is hoped that the child, having been nurtured in the faith, will be ready to profess his/her own faith, thus confirming the faith of the parent/s at the child’s baptism.

Presbyterians do not believe in the need for “emergency” baptism occasioned by a life-threatening illness or circumstance.  God loves all children, and the promise of a child’s “eternal salvation” will not be compromised by lack of a baptism.

Prior to baptism, the pastor will meet with the parent/s to reaffirm their understanding of the nature of baptism and its implications for their role as a spiritual nurturer of the child.


Gregory is happy to host the weddings of both members and non-members.  In both cases, either the bride or groom must be a professing Christian.  Typically, the pastor of the church will perform the wedding, however, arrangements may be made for an outside minister with the permission of the pastor.  The Fellowship Hall is available for receptions should that be desired.

The Church Office should be contacted to see if the desired date for the wedding is available.  The Church Secretary will send the couple a sheet fully describing the wedding policies of the church and fees.  They will be asked to complete a request form.  If the Gregory pastor is sought to perform the wedding, he should be contacted as soon as possible.  Normally, he will seek to meet with the couple on three occasions to help them personalize the wedding service and to discuss the nature of married life.

For church members, there is no fee for the sanctuary or the fellowship hall or for the services of the pastor, although a $100 security deposit is required 30 days before the wedding.  It will be refunded if the facilities are left in order.  There is a fee for the organist and that must be negotiated with her.

For non-members, there is a $150 fee for the sanctuary and a $150 fee for the Fellowship Hall, if used.  A refundable $100 deposit is required for use of the facilities.  In addition, a $200 honorarium is required for the pastor and a fee for the organist must be negotiated with her.  All monies are to be received 30 days prior to the wedding.

All other policies regarding photography, videography, church decoration, etc., will be included in materials sent to the couple.

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