About Our Church

Gregory Memorial Presbyterian Church is located in the “heart” of Prince George near County offices on Courthouse Road.  It was founded almost 125 years ago by Presbyterian minister Rev. William F.C. Gregory who unfortunately did not live to see the completion of the church sanctuary.   Generations of faithful pastors and members, however, have built upon his efforts resulting today in a vibrant congregation of 120 members.

Gregory is firmly grounded in Prince George with its members occupying positions in its schools, county government, businesses and organizations such as Ruritans.  In mission, Gregory is committed to give at least ten percent of its income to national and regional Presbyterian benevolences as well as local groups such as the Prince George food bank.  The Boy Scout troop supported by the church are among the largest in the region.

Gregory is a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and a congregation of the Presbytery of the James which includes much of central Virginia.  We welcome opportunities to work with other denominations and participate in joint worship at Thanksgiving, the season of Lent and the Day of Prayer of Christian Unity each January.

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